Starting Dates: Group Lessons German as a Foreign Language 2022

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Complete beginners can begin an A1 course starting on a monthly basis. Participants with previous language knowledge can join an existing class at any time (according to our course schedule). If you are unsure about which German language level to register for, you can do our online placement test. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Intensive classes

NameCourse No.Starting DateEnding DateDuration
German Group Course01/2210/01/202204/02/20224 weeks
German Group Course02/2207/02/202204/03/20224 weeks
German Group Course03/2207/03/202201/04/20224 weeks
German Group Course04/2204/04/202203/05/20224 weeks
German Group Course05/2204/05/202201/06/20224 weeks
German Group Course06/2213/06/202208/07/20224 weeks
German Group Course07/2211/07/202205/08/20224 weeks
German Group Course08/2208/08/202202/09/20224 weeks
German Group Course09/2205/09/202230/09/20224 weeks
German Group Course10/2204/10/202228/10/20224 weeks
German Group Course11/2231/10/202225/11/20224 weeks
German Group Course12/2228/11/202223/12/20224 weeks
Christmas holidays 2022/202324/12–08/01/20232 weeks

Evening classes

NameCourse No.DatesDuration
German Evening Course Level A1A1-07/2204/07/2022–20/01/20236 months
German Evening Course Level A2A2-07/2204/07/2022–20/01/2036 months
German Evening Course Level B1B1-07/2204/07/2022–20/01/20236 months
German Evening Course Level B2B2-02/2214/02/2022–16/08/20226 months