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Speak German at the university
Situation in a supermarket
Talk with colleagues
German with friends
German for Professionals
Study successfully at a German university.
German in daily life
Speak German in everyday life already after 2 months of intensive courses.
German course – break
Communicate easily with colleagues in German.
Sitting together with friends and having a good laugh.
Deliver presentations confidently to clients.
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Neue Deutsch-Intensivkurse ab 5. Juni: A1.1, A2.1, B1.1, B1plus1, B2.1 und C1.1 (auch online) INFO
New German intensive courses from June 5: A1.1, A2.1, B1.1, B1plus1, B2.1, and C1.1 (also online) INFO

German courses in Cologne

In small groups you can learn German in a relaxed atmosphere and with lots of fun. Our next German courses A1A2B1B1+B2, and C1 start on May 4 and June 5. more…

Evening courses

Evening courses German as a Foreign Language take place 2 times a week. You can join at any time! Enjoy learning German in the evening! more…

German for Professionals

You may come to us or we come to you – you decide when, where and how! Just contact us via email or phone us.