1-on-1 training

Are you looking for qualified instruction in German or English for yourself or for your employees, to ensure that communication and processes become smoother, misunderstandings decrease and communication with customers also improves? In our 1-on-1 training we offer:

  • Support and individual personal assistance and consulting by school management and teachers
  • Accurate assessment of your language skills
  • Selected teaching materials (completely included)
  • Individually tailored lessons
  • Lesson times as per agreement

Premium 1-on-1 training

  • at school, online or hybrid
  • €49 per lesson (from 20 lessons)

Basic package

  • Learn German in tandem with your work
  • 50 or 100 lessons distributed over 4 lessons per week

Compact package

  • Learn German part-time
  • 108 or 216 lessons distributed over 9 lessons per week

Exclusive package

  • Learn German full-time
  • 180 or 360 lessons distributed over 15 lessons per week

We also come to your company.

An excellent investment in your company and in yourself.
Consultation by phone at any time. – Just get in touch with us.