You would like to learn German and apply for a language visa?

We are happy to support you in this process. There are two possibilities:

Language visa

  • For persons requiring a visa who would like to stay in Germany for more than 90 days and take part in a language course.

Study-preparatory language visa

  • For people who want to study at a university in Germany.
  • To prepare for the German Language Test for University Admission (DSH) – level C1.

What do you need in general?

  • Application forms
  • Registration certificate in a language course
  • Receipt from the language course that you paid for
  • Passport photos
  • a valid passport
  • Letter of motivation
  • Birth certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Blocking account
  • Health insurance
    • We recommend the insurance KLEMMER.

How do I proceed in detail?

You will receive important details about the application on the website of the German mission abroad (Foreign Office, Embassy, Consulate) in your country. Experience shows that it takes up to 4 months to obtain the visa.

  1. Inform yourself at the German mission abroad about all regulations, requirements and documents you have to submit (online or by phone). Some embassies require basic language skills before you can obtain a language visa. Please find out if you are eligible for a visa even if you are an absolute beginner.
  2. Make an appointment with the German mission in your country – ask which documents you need to bring to this appointment.
  3. Contact us and register for an intensive course via our website. Please be sure to include your nationality and ID number.
  4. You will receive an email from us with information about our courses, payment and whatever else you are interested in. The total course fee for the requested course duration must be paid in advance.
  5. After receipt of payment you will receive the following documents from us, which you have to submit to the embassy: a registration certificate in an intensive course (18–20 lessons per week) with a receipt of payment.

Postponement of the course start

  • Notify us in writing at least 14 days before the start of the course if you have not received your visa yet, so we may be able to postpone your course start date.
  • You can postpone the start of the course within a period of 8 months free of charge.
  • If you do not attend the course within 8 months, your course will start regardless and a refund of the course fee is no longer possible.

In case of visa rejection

  • Send us the rejection letter from the embassy at least 14 days before the scheduled start of the course.
  • You will receive a refund minus €150 processing fee.
  • Once the course you signed up for has started, no refunds are possible.